The aim of Tell your Project is to create a documentation of the human-nature relationship.

Experiences and adventures in nature are collected as personal narratives along with individual statements about environmental problems.

As a photographer myself I am adding the collection with fitting images.

I tried to record natural sounds too which can be heard next to the images. Through human noise pollution (Autophonie) natural sounds (Biophonie – actually the music of nature) are prevented. However the noise makes not just our chance to experience wildlife less likely but it also changes the behavior of living beings. They are increasingly impaired and dangered by this stress!

In this way a comprehensive documentation can develop. So far this project has been presented through internet, social media and throughout an exhibition. 

The personal correlation to environmental topics through own positive emotions can effectively sensitize. Psychologically it is proven that connecting (negative) problems through own positive experiences is a powerful way to care more about the topic and ideally also have the willingness to take action. In that way a more sustainable lifestyle could be promoted.  

By Tobias Acksteiner

As a conservation photojournalist I try to share my observations through images, articles and storytelling. In this way I aim to fascinate people with some captured wonders of nature and move people emotionally.