What’s your Story?

Jump strait into the survey here. (It just takes 5-10 minutes)

Feeling a little bit lonely or overwhelemed with all the problems we are facing?

Young people seem to be shadows for the big industries…

Throughout a Roots and Shoots Group from the Jane Goodall Institute Austria we are about to  grow a community where we tell the story and our ideas for the future. The only thing you need to do to participate is to tell your story:

Your connection to nature and your experiences in nature along with one opinion or statement about environmental issues and or global problems.

As a photographer myself I could experience some very valuable moments for me so I developed my bond to nature and animals through photography. Soon I realized it is important to act against problems of nature and raise awareness.

I assume that we are all kind of connected with nature and have a bond with nature and animals. So I had this idea to collect experiences from many different people and what they value in nature and the environment…

and later I would like to put them together written as little stories along with a photograph of a similar experience. Hopefully in result it will remind us of our connectivity and give us a reason to act against environmental issues.

I believe everyone has this connection in some and different, unique ways and even less democratic politicians can’t lie in my opinion that thay have (had) a hand full of great experiences in nature.

The goal is to collect stories from people all over the world. To come together, connect and fight against problems of nature and animals. So please help me to realize this ambitious dream 🙂

I would be very grateful if you could answer these couple of questions ! (It just takes 5-10 minutes) And if you like the project please share it to your friends and family.

By Tobias Acksteiner

As a conservation photojournalist I try to share my observations through images, articles and storytelling. In this way I aim to fascinate people with some captured wonders of nature and move people emotionally.