About Tobias

Aspiring Nature & Wildlife Photographer and Conservationist

Since I am a child I am utterly fascinated in nature and its beautiful and diverse creatures.  
Over time my enthusiasm and curiosity about the environment and the thirst of knowledge and adventure continued to develop. 
At the age of 11 I began to pursue being a photographer. Now my Interest in Biology and science is steadily growing. And from chasing and pursuing breathtaking and memorable moments, the protection and conservation of nature is now for me the highest priority. I try to share my observations through photography, tell stories with photos and articles, fascinate people with some captured wonders of nature and in this way move people emotionally.


Photokina Photo Award „Future Now!“ 2020
Youth Conservation Photo Contest Will be exhibited in Dubai and Köln.

Science/Environment Award for my article 2019
For my report about the internship at Conservation project „Waldrappteam“.